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Welcome to Una iti

Ministry sd  is to provide the skilled man-power with vocational training for the various industries & service sectors. It is being conducted at different I.T.I.s including INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE, UNA. In Today's Era Industrialization is developing Statewide and Nation...

આઈ.ટી.આઈ ઉના એડમીશન ૨૦૧૯

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Vision & Mission

Our Aim : To prepare Competent Technicians who are perfectly fit for needs of the industry . While offering Career Opportunities that suit the interests and abilities of our trainees. Teamwork : Trainees -- Staff -- DET -- Industry Our Plans : Aggressive Placement: selection from inception Financial self-reliance in operations Finishing school to deliver industry-ready touch

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Last Update on : 28/09/2020

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Mobile : (02875) 269524
Telephone : (02875) 269524
Email : prlunaiti[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

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